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Skrillex Ice Bucket Challenge

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Eden is the name of a forthcoming film chronicling the rise of France’s electronic music scene through the eyes of DJ Sven Love, co-founder of the duo Cheers. Described as “largely autobiographical,” the film’s plot centers around a young man named Paul (played by Félix de Givry), who discovers raves and house music, and eventually forms his own DJ project. The film incorporates many of the clubs and parties synonymous with the scene, as well as prominent DJs like Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, aka Daft Punk. Above is a look at the actors cast to play the legendary duo (Arnaud Azoulay and Vincent Lacoste), Greta Gerwig, Brady Corbet, and Laura Smet. The film is set to premiere next month at the Toronto International Film Festival. 

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Confidence goals: deadmau5 

Attitude goals: deadmau5

Money goals: deadmau5

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In case you missed it, take an intimate look at Porter Robinson in “Porter Robinson: Moving Portrait” from Google Play. His new album Worlds is out now on Astralwerks!

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wow the new daftpunk movie looks great

wow the new daftpunk movie looks great

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guy stop

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I’d be more surprised if he hasn’t done this, honestly.

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100% real Daft Punk documentary 2k14

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